Danny Trejo Is a Demon-Fighting Priest in The Last Exorcist Trailer

Uncork’d Entertainment has released the trailer for The Last Exorcist. The horror thriller stars legendary icon Danny Trejo as a priest trying to get rid of a nasty demon. “I believe the evil has entered into her body and she’s not in her right mind,” says Trejo in this first look. There is a lot going on in The Last Exorcist, which may entice horror fans to seek this title out when it becomes available on VOD and DVD October 13th, just in time for Halloween

The Last Exorcist takes place after every priest trained in exorcisms dies in a terrorist attack. Joan Campbell is left to battle a familiar demon that, this time, possesses her sister. This exorcism thriller is about two sisters who are haunted by the demons of their past. The first trailer for the movie sets up the storyline, while also teasing some deep and dark secrets. Danny Trejo taking on the role of a priest seems to be worth the price of admission alone.

The Last Exorcist comes to us from writer/director/actress Robin Bain. In addition to Danny Trejo, the horror thriller stars Terri Ivens (The Bay), Rachele Brooke Smith (Cold Moon), and Cate Jones (Camp Cold Brook). In an interview from 2018, Bain talked about the project and noted that it should not be judged by its title, or even its premise, for that matter. Bain says, “Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not your typical horror film in that there is a very dark, psychological component to the story. I am very excited about this movie.”

Robin Bain has been writing, directing, and producing small films and videos for most of her life. “I love filmmaking. Just like so many things in life, practice, repetition, persistence and dedication fosters and promotes the skills needed to take your craft to the next level,” she says. After directing a string of acclaimed short films, Bain decided to take the feature-length plunge with 2018’s Girl Lost, which is inspired by sex trafficking. From the beginning, Bain knew she was going to be wearing multiple hats when making the movie, including starring in it.

Girl Lost was meant to be a “calling card” for Robin Bain, and so far, it looks like it worked out in her favor. “I’ve been running around Hollywood for over two decades pitching scripts and ideas. I can say without a doubt, that writing, producing and directing Girl Lost on my own was the only way that I could have made this happen for myself.” The success of the movie led her directly to working with Danny Trejo, who stars in The Last Exorcist. Even working with that kind of talent, Bain knows exactly what she wants. “As the writer, director, and creator of the piece, I had a specific vision of what I wanted from each character and each actor,” she says. You can check out the trailer for The Last Exorcist above, thanks to the OC Trailers YouTube channel.

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