Kelsey Grammer Is a Way Out Rocker Losing His Grip on Reality


See Frasier star Kelsey Grammer as you’ve never seen him before in the first trailer for the comedy/drama The Space Between. Sporting long, shaggy hair and an unkempt beard, the actor takes a copious amount of questionable substances and waxes philosophical about life and love as ageing rock star Micky Adams in this inspiring new coming-of-age movie from Paramount.

Paramount’s The Space Between stars Golden Globe Winner Kelsey Grammer and picks up during the iconic 90s LA music scene. Micky Adams (Grammer), an eccentric has-been rock musician, loses his grip on reality all while his record label is looking to drop him and his newly created “unique” albums. In hopes of breaking out of the record-label mailroom, a young Charlie Porter (Jackson White) is tasked with traveling to the musician’s bizarre home and forcing Micky Adams out of his contract.

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As shown in the trailer, things do not go as planned, with Micky drugging Charlie with a psychedelic substance, convinced that the kid is the key to his long-awaited artistic breakthrough, and an unlikely friendship between the two emerges. The odd but powerful bond helps both gain perspective from each other on the music industry, life, love…and the space between.

Once he’s gotten over his rock star phase, Kelsey Grammer will soon be on much more familiar ground, teaming up with Paramount once again for the recently announced Paramount+ Frasier revival. With the streaming platform hoping to compete with other streaming services, the studio has decided to reach backwards into their vast well of beloved shows and are reportedly bring Dr. Frasier Crane back into the fray.

CBS Studios president David Stapf added: “Frasier is one of the most acclaimed comedies in modern television history and truly defines premium storytelling. There has long been a call from fans for its return, and that call is now answered thanks to the amazing Kelsey Grammer reprising his iconic role of Dr. Frasier Crane and a brilliant creative plan from Joe, Chris and Kelsey. We can’t wait to reveal its next chapter on Paramount +.”

A Frasier revival is something that star Kelsey Grammer has been trying to get off the ground for years now, and while almost nothing is known about the direction of the series or whether any of the other original actors will be returning, Grammer’s Frasier comeback is something that the award-winning actor is very excited about. “Having spent over 20 years of my creative life on the Paramount lot, both producing shows and performing in several, I’d like to congratulate Paramount+ on its entry into the streaming world,” Grammer said of the news in a statement. “I gleefully anticipate sharing the next chapter in the continuing journey of Dr. Frasier Crane.”

Directed by Rachel Winter, and also starring Julia Goldani Telles, Paris Jackson, Andy Daly, and William Fichtner alongside Kelsey Grammer, as well as featuring original music by Rivers Cuomo, The Space Between is set to arrive in theaters on April 23rd, with a video-on-demand and digital release on June 15th.

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