WrestleMassacre Trailer Sends One Wannabe Wrestler on a Blood Soaked Rampage

It’s officially the first day of summer. Except, in a strange turn of world events, there are no summer movies opening this weekend. Not only that, it also happens to be the longest day of the year. Movie theaters aren’t open yet, so that only leaves us PVOD and digital streaming options. But don’t worry, we got you covered on this sunny Saturday with a Drive-In thriller that looks ten times awesome and deserves to be shown on a sheet in the back yard with a cheap projector you ordered off of walmart.com. Perhaps that is the only way to watch the beast of a movie that is WrestleMassacre.

Today, we have the trailer and poster for WrestleMassacre. And it’s everything you’d hope for in a brainless diversion that will set you free from the social unrest facing the country, if but only for 90 minutes. Everyone needs a break from the news for a minute, so why not tune out and drop into what can only be described as one of the weirder slashers of 2020. Heck, at this rate, it might be the only slasher movie released this year.

WrestleMassacre is “Everything you need for a late night horror treat” according to Horror Society. And they’re not wrong. Just looking at the poster should get you excited for a bloody good time. The wrestling world bodyslams the horror genre in this June’s funnest fright-flick, which is available right now on DVD and Digital streaming!

WrestleMassacre, starring Richie Acevedo aka The Cuban Assassin, WWE Superstar Tony Atlas, Julio Bana Fernandez (House of Cards), Jason John Beebe (Crossbreed) and Canadian pro wrestler Rene Dupree, was made available On Demand + DVD starting June 16, 2020 from Wild Eye Releasing. You’re already a weekend behind. So you better catch up if you want to have something interesting to discuss on your next horror Zoom chat.

Randy is an awkward groundskeeper who is obsessed with professional wrestling. Longing for a sense of belonging with grandiose dreams of becoming a wrestling superstar, he is only met with abject humiliation and alienation. A brutal shaming at a local wrestling school pushes Randy over the edge and sets out on a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him.
This has lit the spark for his blood lust. Donned in wrestling gear and armed with homicidal rage, Randy sets out on a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him. With each ghastly kill, Randy takes a trophy from his tormentors to add to a wrestling title belt crafted from human flesh. The only hope of putting an end to his reign of carnage lies with Becky, an understanding client who is one of the only few to ever show him kindness.

What are you waiting for, strap on those wrestling tights and get the backyard party started this weekend. Along with the WrestleMassacre trailer we also have the poster for you to check out along with a couple of images pulled direct from this bodyslammin’ good time.

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