10 Movies To Watch If You Liked Project Power

Project Power is a superpower-drug induced, sci-fi action-adventure film starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jamie Foxx. The marketing campaign to promote this movie was aggressive and extensive, as Project Power ads flooded major social media platforms this summer. Once released, it was the number one program on Netflix.

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The star power and scintillating CGI that are put on display in this megabudget production are eye-candy. The action sequences are explosive and captivating, and the heroic one-liners: cheesy, but endearing in that action-movie sort of way. If you’re a fan of Project Power looking for more dazzling sci-fi adventure, then here are a few solid picks.

10 Chronicle

Similar to Project Power, Chronicle is an action-adventure laced with superpowers but is not based on any comics. Released in 2012, Chronicle was praised by critics and regular fans alike.

Led by a misunderstood wallflower, Andrew (Dane DeHaan), a trio of teenage boys discover a fallen meteorite. Upon further investigation of the site, the three teens accidentally expose themselves to a substance that gives them telekinetic powers, as well as the ability to fly.

9 The Island

Directed by notorious budget booster and product placer, Michael Bay, The Island is a dystopian sci-fi action-adventure film. In a future world, characters are assembled in a facility that closes them off from all of the pollution and contamination that burned through the planet as we know it. The people, dressed in their shiny white uniforms, are eventually rewarded with a trip to “The Island”, an earthy green oasis where there is no waster or constricted space.

Nevertheless, when a man and woman discover the truth behind “The Island”, they are forced to flee. This 2005 action-packed, escape thriller will be right up a moviegoer’s alley if they were into Project Power. 

8 Looper

Looper poses Joseph Gordon-Levitt against his ‘future-self’ in Bruce Willis for this intense sci-fi adventure. In the future created by writer and director Rian Johnson, hit-men maneuver by time-travel and junkies squirt their drugs in their eyes. The movie is intense and Levitt and Willis’ shared role of Joe is a daunting challenge that ends up being terrifically executed.

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The twists and turns of this thriller are clever and unsuspecting and keep a viewer on their toes. The whole look of the film is quite mesmerizing with its CGI drug sequences and the cyber-nightmare scenery.

7 Midnight Special

Four years after being showered in acclaim for directing Mud, Jeff Nichols branched into sci-fi with 2016’s Midnight Special. The movie follows a father (Michael Shannon) as he tries to protect his son, who is gifted with superhuman powers, from the government and anyone else who wants a hand on him.

The film is an excellent combination of flair and substance, with its eye-bending action sequences and fine writing. Shannon, per usual, contributes an excellent performance. Midnight Special may be fairly different from Project Power but fans of sci-fi actions should enjoy this one.

6 The Signal

The Signal is a hell of a ride through the deserts of Nevada. When three friends find the coordinates to a bad-guy computer hacker and set out to find him. Things don’t go according to plan, and Nic eventually finds himself in a dimly lit interrogation room at Area 51, sitting across from Lawrence Fishburn wearing a hazmat suit. “When did you first make contact with the signal?” Fishburn’s character asks.

The Signal was made with only a $4 M budget compared to the tens of millions spent for a movie like Project Power. Nevertheless, the crisp and vivid visual effects, as well as the utter nightmare of an ending in this film makes up for any sparred expense.

5 Gamer

The absolute mayhem of Project Power is pretty tough to surpass, but Gamer is a dystopian action-adventure that is extreme and unapologetic. Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall star in this film as the protagonist and antagonist. Butler’s character is a convicted felon who, in this demented, futuristic world, is implemented into a video game where one does not ‘respawn’ from death.

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Luckily for Butler’s character, he is being played by one of the most talented gamers in the world. With perseverant hearts and gaming mastery, the ex-con is able to save his wife (also locked into a virtual game that is like a twisted version of The Sims) and showdown with the billionaire software developer responsible for it all.

4 Crank

This Jason Statham flick is an extremist action junky’s trip to Disney World. Crank follows a hitman who decides to go clean, but fails at his last job and is poisoned because of it. He wakes up in a flurry, realizing he only has hours to live, and the only way to survive is to keep his adrenaline pulsing with electricity.

Crank was a total hit back in 2006, which warranted a sequel three years later. Statham has an enormous portfolio of action flicks, but the Cranks certainly stand out amongst the rest.

3 Push

Starring Captain America before he was Captain America, Push is a sci-fi superpowered action released in 2009. Chris Davis plays Nick Grant who leads a group of psychics against a covert government branch in Hong-Kong. The movie is loaded with gripping, superhuman action sequences and Davis submits a clean performance.

Dakota Fanning also stars in this action-adventure as Davis’s ally, Cassie, who uses her mystical mind to fight the enemy. Push is a solid watch for those who enjoyed the superpowered thrills of Project Power.

2 Unbreakable

Unbreakable is the first chapter of writer and director M. Night Shyamalan’s East Rail 177 Trilogy, which also includes Split (2016) and Glass (2019). The 2000 film follows David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) who both mysteriously survive a colossal train accident. They soon realize they are indestructible.

It is commendable how Shymalan was able to wrap together three films that span 19 years. Without the notable success of Split, fans would most likely not have gotten the full-circle treat of Glass. Unbreakable is potentially the best non-comic superpower movie ever made.

1 Fast Colour

Fast Colour is another Netflix production centered around characters with god-like power. This film isn’t put together with as many bells and whistles as Project Power, but it entertains with a relatable story about reconciliation and family. Fast Color is more of a serious, artistic film rather than a high-budget blockbuster.

Viewers follow the gifted Ruth (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) as she tries to harness her powers and hide out from authorities. Written and directed by Julia Hart, Fast Colour is worth checking out.

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