How Powerful Diana’s Golden Eagle Armor Is

Diana will get an upgrade in the form of the Golden Eagle Armor in Wonder Woman 1984. Here’s how powerful this suit of armor really is.

The title character will get a major upgrade in Wonder Woman 1984 when she dons the Golden Eagle Armor. Artwork and trailers for the upcoming DCEU movie have showcased Diana (Gal Gadot) in combat against the sequel’s new villains with a golden, winged suit of armor that covers her from head to toe, leaving only her face exposed.

The armor, which isn’t original to the DC Extended Universe, has its roots in the comics. It made its first appearance in the 1990s when the Amazon princess went into action against Superman in the four-issue miniseries, Elseworlds: Kingdom Come. Though this storyline took place in an alternate future, it was later brought into DC Comics canon, with Wonder Woman suiting up with the golden armor to battle other threats. Now, it’s being brought to the big screen for the character’s fourth big-screen appearance. Directed by Patty Jenkins and currently scheduled for an October 2020 release, the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman sequel will pit the heroine against both Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig).

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It would seem that Wonder Woman 1984’s villains will be what forces Diana to break out the Golden Eagle Armor. It appears that one of the villains – specifically, Cheetah – will be such a challenge for her that an upgrade will be needed if she expects to emerge victorious. Apparently, the Golden Eagle Armor will be the key to winning. The comics, trailers, and quotes from those involved in the movie have given indications of how powerful the suit is, and why it may be important to the battles ahead. Nothing in the trailers suggest that the armor gives Wonder Woman powers that she didn’t already possess, but it will help out a lot in terms of the protection it can provide.

Patty Jenkins has explained that the armor is the only way she will survive her encounters with Wonder Woman 1984’s version of Cheetah. As a super-powered, feline adversary, Cheetah will of course fight with razor-sharp claws. As resilient as Wonder Woman is, she’s not invulnerable or as resistant to physical harm as characters like Superman. Cheetah’s claws would likely do a number on Wonder Woman’s exposed arms and legs, making the armor necessary. The wings will aid in protecting her as well since they can act as shields.

As for just how strong this armor is and how much damage it can resist, this question has yet to be answered by clips of the movie but, the comics do hint at its true power. When Wonder Woman puts on the suit, it’s usually because she’s about to head into a battle with an incredibly dangerous opponent. For instance, Diana wore it to fight an army of supervillains, Imperiex, and Devastation. Anything that can withstand the attacks of DC powerhouses must be extremely resistant. It’s likely that the same will be true for the movie version of the armor. However, the fact that she doesn’t put it on when facing Doomsday in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice or in Justice League could mean that despite its strength, it may ultimately fail to hold up against what Cheetah and Maxwell Lord throw at her in Wonder Woman 1984.

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