Night of the Living Dead And All Of George Romero’s Other Zombie Movies, Ranked

3. Land Of The Dead (2005)

George Romero took an extended break from the Dead series after the release of Day of the Dead (not counting his script for Tom Savini’s 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead), and didn’t put out another zombie movie until the 2005 release of Land of the Dead. Full of satire, social commentary, and gore, the fourth film in the series picked up where Day left off and turned things up a notch. Set in a version of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that has been reorganized around the emerald tower that is Fiddler’s Green and the slums that surround the luxury high-rise, the film depicts a world that is more divided than ever. But as we’ve learned with the rest of Romero’s films — death is inevitable.

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