Santa’s Ninth Reindeer Is Actually Superman?

Superman proves that even Santa Claus looks to The Man of Steel for help in Superman’s Christmas Adventure #1. Clark Kent saved Christmas.

Superman is one of DC’s greatest heroes. His popularity in American Pop-culture is so high that it may even rival a certain chubby, bearded man in a red suit. Santa Claus is synonymous with Christmas and the holiday season for both believers and non-believers. Superman’s Christmas Adventure #1 answered a question fans didn’t know they wanted answered: who is stronger, Santa Claus or Superman? Both icons are loved and revered by children but which of the two are the most impactful?

Santa is an important figure but in DC Comics, he is not beyond being saved by the Man of Steel. Criminals traveled to Santa’s workshop at the North Pole to attempt to extort him into using his workshop for creating products to sell instead of presents. Santa rejects the greedy villains and his elves scare them off, but not for good. The evil villains decided to derail Christmas by any means.

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The two poorly named villains  (Dr. Grouch and Meaney) decided that if Santa wouldn’t give them what they wanted, no one on Earth would get their Christmas wishes granted. They kidnapped Santa’s reindeer effectively ruining Christmas for everyone on Earth. In Superman’s Christmas Adventure #1 by Jerry Siegel and Jack Burnley, Superman swooped in to lend Santa a hand proving that Santa Claus also looks to The Man of Steel for help when it comes to crime. Superman is a hero to all. Clark freed Santa’s reindeer but the villains still were not finished trying to ruin Christmas.

Dr. Grouch used his tranquilizer gun to incapacitate Santa’s reindeer. With no reindeer to lead Santa’s sleigh Christmas would have been a disaster. Superman humbly offered to carry Santa’s sleigh in one of the most iconic American partnerships of all time in DC Comics. Santa is associated with human kindness, generosity, and the best of mankind. Superman, while an alien is heralded as the iconic American hero, akin to Captain America.

Superman is a Kryptonian raised by Earthlings. Since his adopted parents Martha and Jonathan Kent instilled strong morals in him, Clark Kent has become a symbol of justice and heroism. The big blue boy scout does more than save people, he gives everyone the chance to be their best selves. Superman is a hero to all, even Santa in need of a ride. If Santa isn’t prepared to deliver this 2020, Superman is on standby.

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