What They Are & How They Can Help Explained

AI chatbots, which make responses by using machine learning and pattern recognition, can help people with tasks and act as a cheap workforce.

From Siri to automated customer service representatives, artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots can benefit people by connecting them with a host platform or service. Chatbots can sometimes feel real when a person receives curated responses and these messages can offer directions or information without making an individual navigate the AI’s host. This tech is so common it has become part of some people’s lives and a tool that helps people to work within their environments.

AI chatbots are popular with major retailers, like Kroger, and can recognize text and images to make tailored responses on its host platforms, such as a website or social media outlets including Twitter and Facebook. Other chatbots, like Siri, help owners initiate actions on their Apple products through verbal responses. The Replika app is unique because its purpose is to create a digital friend who can listen and respond to a person that downloads it.

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AI chatbots are special because they can process information based on machine learning and language processing to understand the unique context and formulate a calculated response. When a conversation with a chatbot begins, the AI identifies and analyzes a person’s request in addition to the intent and entities of a user’s input. The chatbot will then give a response after understanding the context. More advanced AIs learn from people’s responses and feedback to make adjustments to their behavior. With this in mind, chatbots can make more unique responses to trickier questions to create a more cohesive conversation.

Chatbots Are Getting Smarter

Some chatbots have task-specific algorithms, basically meaning that one response will follow with a sequence of outputs. This can be useful for consumers who want to reach customer service representatives at any time of the day. The chatbot can potentially help schedule appointments or process shipping information, among a variety of other tasks that would typically demand person-to-person interaction. On the other hand, smarter versions can handle different types of conversations. For instance, social chatbots can identify the language and can create responses with the help of machine learning. While the machine may sometimes process statements instantly, the given responses might not necessarily make sense.

When it comes to smarter AIs, the relevant information is programmed so the AI can learn based on constant use and interaction. The chatbot will remember a series of patterns that it can later mimic. As a result, these chatbots function and learn to act more like another person with the potential of developing a personality. Retailers or other sales companies that use this technology can make it seem like there is a more authentic presence. This can result in more customer satisfaction and even become a tool for education. The tech can potentially become a cost-effective tool with which to replace a worker. Overall, AI chatbots can help companies save money while also offering opportunities for people to interact with machine intelligence as if it was a real person.

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