When Cuphead’s New Playable Character Is Coming

Studio MDHR updated players on when to expect The Delicious Last Course, a DLC expansion to Cuphead that will add new playable character Mrs. Chalice.

Fans of the 2D side-scroller Cuphead recently got an update on when the newest playable character, Mrs. Chalice, would be added to the game. The character was first announced when Studio MDHR revealed The Delicious Last Course DLC expansion way back at E3 2018. Since then, the studio has been fairly quiet about The Delicious Last Course, but some details were teased out when Studio MDHR’s COO Maya Moldenhauer sat down with games journalist Geoff Keighly to discuss the game. 

Cuphead was a surprising hit when it was released in September 2017. The 2D side-scroller featured tough combat and a unique 1930s-style animation that won over the niche of gamers who had already been wowed by the release of side-scroller Hollow Knight earlier that year. Cuphead gave players the option to play as either Cuphead or Mugman, and The Delicious Last Course promises to add a third playable character to the game, Mrs. Chalice. Mrs. Chalice will not only be available to play in the DLC content, but in the main campaign as well.

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In an interview with Geoff Keighley, COO Maya Moldenhauer admitted that The Delicious Last Course has been a long time coming. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a longer wait still before the DLC is available. In addition to citing the challenging circumstances presented by this year’s COVID-19 crisis, Moldenhauer stated, “At the end of the day, we want it to be a fulfilling experience and live up to Cuphead and it will come out when it’s ready.” Moldenhauer continued by reiterating that Mrs. Chalice is not just a skin for Cuphead, but her own character with “different movesets and patterns,” and that users can play the entire original game as the new character.

When Cuphead’s Other Projects Are Coming

While this lack of concrete details is frustrating for fans of Cuphead, it might be reassuring to consider that Studio MDHR has a track record of surprise announcements. The most recent example happened just last month, when the studio announced a PS4 port of Cuphead and released it the same day. They also announced an exclusive update for Xbox that would add a digital artwork gallery, soundtrack, and commentary track to the game, though when that update is coming has not been confirmed. Prior to that, the Nintendo Switch port of Cuphead was announced just a month before the game’s release.

It’s clear from these ports and updates (in addition to working on an animated Cuphead series for Netflix) that Studio MDHR is still very invested in Cuphead. The official game website still lists The Delicious Last Course as “Coming 2020,” so all hope is not lost that the developers could be ready to ship by the end of the year. Eager gamers should remember that The Delicious Last Course will not only include a new playable character, but a new area, new bosses, and more. It sounds to be a sizable expansion, and Studio MDHR seems committed to making sure they get it right, even if it means fans will have to wait a little longer for the new adventures of Cuphead to arrive.

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Cuphead is out now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Mac, and PC.

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