Where To Find Sculk Sensors In Minecraft (& What They’re Used For)

Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update has added wireless Redstone in the form of Sculk Sensors, and here is where players can find them underground.

The Caves & Cliffs update has added a lot of depth to Minecraft, and it has also added a lot more to discover in the farthest regions of the game. Despite the update being focused on improving biomes above and below the ground, the addition of a single block is making one massive change to Redstone. The Sculk Sensor is a new organic block that was added during the Caves and Cliffs update, and it introduces wireless Redstone signals that will revolutionize how builds are powered.

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Sculk Sensors were first revealed at Minecraft Live 2020, and were later implemented during a pre-update snapshot. The Sculk Sensors were also shown alongside the Warden mob which is a very strong and terrifying mob found at the lowest levels of Minecraft’s newly expanded underground. This is also where players will find things such as grimstone, deepslate, and the highly coveted Sculk Sensors. This guide will show players where they can find Sculk Sensors and what they are used for.

Where To Find Sculk Sensors In Minecraft

Sculk Sensors are organic blocks which means players will have to gather them as they would lily pads. They can’t be crafted and can only be found in the new Deep Dark cave biomes. This new biome is found in the deepest levels underground after Y-level 0, and they are also home to The Warden mob. They can be gathered with any tool, but hoes will mine them the fastest. However, making noise around the Sculk Senor will send a signal off into the cave which could attract a nearby Warden. Players will want to have a Diamond or Gold hoe which will gather Sculk Sensors quickly. As well, players can place wool around the Sculk Senor which will prevent it from sending a signal.

As mentioned prior, Sculk Sensors emit a wireless Redstone signal when it senses movement within an 8-block radius. This signal can be directed a certain way depending on the direction of the vibration. It will then power a Redstone circuit for a short period of time. The signal strength changes depending on the source of the vibration, and this can be paired with a comparator to track when specific actions take place. Sculk sensors allow Minecraft players to hide their Redstone properly and allow for some unique designs that weren’t possible without modding before.

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Minecraft is available now on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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